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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mardsen, Martin Cave, Fundacion Telefonica and neutralidad de red

Writing of odd publication details, a Christopher T. Mardsen is listed in this new 'book' - list of short contributions - on net neutrality in the US and Europe. It also features Professor Martin Cave. It appears to have a publication date of 2010, but the preface is written January 2011, and it was slipped anonymously onto the Fundacion Telefonica website in March. Almost as if this was a big debate at the end of 2009, but their sponsor thinks it has gone away now and they can throttle and block.
I will refer you to pp45-46 in the new WIK report on privacy and freedom of expression - pretty thin and extremely contentious stuff, eh? Economists would be better not to dabble in such things.

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