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Sunday, May 29, 2011

G8 non-statement on Internet freedom and net neutrality

Amusingly, the G8 statement focuses on multi-stakeholder approaches - which means inviting the odd Lessig or Perry Barlow to a corporate-funded and government-led agenda. The same continues next month - Paris in spring seems very popular - with Kevin Werbach moderating another government schmooze-fest without civil society, by the OECD. Odd - but we should be grateful that at least Lessig and Werbach are allowed in.
Paragraph 14 of the G8 statement has a sentence on the open Internet, that simply says specifics are challenges, presumably to be addressed in the idiotically entitled 'London International Cyber Conference' in November: "As we adopt more innovative Internet-based services, we face challenges in promoting interoperability and convergence among our public policies on issues such as the protection of personal data, net neutrality, transborder data flow, ICT security, and intellectual property."

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