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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lies, damned lies and statistics on broadband

1. How many FTTH customers are there in the UK? 17? 170? 1700? We know its almost zero as analyzed by Fibrevolution.
2. ITU has released a preposterous series of stats claiming that Europe is the connectivity centre of the world - pur-lease...rubbish. Can anyone say 'granularity'?
3. Berkman Center's team led by Yochai Benkler have released the final version of their report to the FCC on broadband penetration and competition, with enough depth to have the economists arguing for months.
4. Verizon in the US is going to allow Skype calling on their network soon - totally unlike the Sicilians at Vodafone Europe....

1 comment:

Benoît Felten said...

It's funny that no one is shocked any longer by these statistics that say mobile penetration is above 100%. We all know what it means (dividing Sims by population) and we also all know that that tells us nothing about the state of broadband penetration.

If only public bodies did their homework and measured actual mobile penetration as the proportion of the population that owns and uses a mobile phone we would at least know what we are talking about...

(And don't get me started on 3G handsets being equated with mobile broadband, that one drives me even more nuts...)

Thanks for the plug, anyway! I need to get a hold of your book next time I'm in London!