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Friday, February 19, 2010

European politicians openly despise the Internet

I think the hatred that dare not speak its name needs expressing - while Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were great Internet politicians, Tony Blair never used a PC, Gordon Brown gurned on YouTube, and Nikolas Sarkozy has decided to (whisper it) bring French law into line with where the UK was before Mandelson's appalling Digital Economy Bill.
LOPPSI II is an insufficiently evil name for such a Bill - I always like RIPA as an example of a dreadful piece of legislation called out by acronym.
So with Mme Reding off to rewrite the Data Protection Directive, can geriatric Neelie Kroes demonstrate any affection for this medium? Or will it be brought down by the Ugly Sisters of copyright-broadcast and telecoms?

1 comment:

Benoît Felten said...

It won't be brought down, it will become a black hole. Which, from a homeland security standpoint should worry governments, but that would require for them to actually understand what they're talking about...