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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ofcom broadband speed Code of Practice - worth the paper its written on?

Sigh, the much-heralded 'self'-regulatory Code of Practice needs a bit more co- and a bit less self-

I was astonished to hear from Candian regulators that they thought this was a good model, though it had to be forced through over the near-dead bodies of fixed ISPs, mobile ISPs have ignored it, and they all routinely traffic shape and otherwise throttle.

Here's 3 - my broadband ISP, hahahah, broadband huh? - and their advice on how I can expect 0.6-1.6mbps.

Here's an email dashed off to Ofcom to update their website and amend a dead link:
Dear John  On the consumer advice page, the link as typed works, but the hyperlink  doesn't! At:  It should be:    It is: http://rhprod-webstg01:8080/telecoms/ioi/copbb/list/ (dead link)  Also, the list of providers does not have any date of updating - though  you describe the list as being amended as providers wish to drop off the  list.  I note that no broadband mobile provider wants to join.  Thanks Chris

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