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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Block VOIP on iPhones? Not us, guv, says AT&T

Ok, so now its all down to Apple to fight the FCC's new mobile openness regime:
'Apple and AT&T had a secret agreement to ban apps that would let iPhone users make phone calls using the wireless data connection, a fact that was revealed this summer when the FCC asked the duo to explain why Google’s innovative Voice app was rejected for the iPhone store. So for instance, Skype, the world’s most popular phone service, had to cripple its application so that it would only work when an iPhone was using Wi-Fi... which led the FCC to investigate if AT&T and Apple were colluding to prevent competition.In a bit of hairsplitting, AT&T has long maintained it doesn’t block Skype — which has uncrippled apps that run on other phones the company sells. Instead, it’s just had Apple block the application.'

Is it the network or the device stopping you getting the application you want? Ah, decisions, decisions...

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