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Monday, June 29, 2009

'Super-slow' broadband and hackwatch

Why do journos constantly mislead even the tech public on what is broadband? Take this garbage from PCWorld: "U.K. unveiled plans to establish a super-fast broadband infrastructure across the country within the next three years" - in the Digital Britain report!

No, they didn't. What they did was talk about how half the country will get both DOCSIS3.0 and VDSL if Virgin and BT 'race' each other at leisurely pace to install street furniture SLAMs. They also stated vaguely that it would be nice if everyone could have their advertised 2Mbps by 2012, but there was a very shaky plan to set up a delivery authority funded by a new 50p/month tax and some digital TV switchover money no longer needed, plus some futurology on whether LTE (Long Term Evolution, 4G mobile) might about 2018-2020.

No, I never understood why Carter and Meek are so keen to bend over backwards for the mobile billionaires....wait a minute, doesn't someone need a new job?

Its superslow broadband, journos!

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