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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Government consultation on P2P throttling - 3 months to respond

In all the Digital Britain fuss, here's the deal with a 3-month consultation by which time Carter will have hotfooted it out of Whitehall and into a rightsholder body:
Have a look at pp49-51 - and in particular note the lack of costings and the reliance on some very sketchy figures from the rights-holders. This is a rather sick joke of a consultation.

1 comment:

Pragmatist said...

How is it possible under Parliamentary rules that he could have done a deal to join a rightsholder body while holding his current post! It should be no different to the Swedish judges jailed or otherwise dealt with the Pirate Bay founders while being members of a rightsholder body.

Do you know which body he's joining? Has this issue got any airplay?