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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Virgin Media to target Bit Torrent from mid-2009

I'm sending Christmas greetings with this very interesting story about Virgin launching DOCSIS3.0 and quite specifically targetting Bit Torrent - note they are making no security-based claims as yet, simply network management. 
What an interesting 2009 we will have!

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Pragmatist said...

Ah yes, the intention being to get a greater share of the consumers ever-shrinking wallet...

That ISPs have the spare cash to invest in Phorm and other DPI technology to monitor and constrain use of the internet for their own benefit, just goes to show they're already making far too much money. Where's the competition? Why do we consumers pay so much, if anything, for broadband? Will advertisers and content providers sit idly by while the guys who provide the pipes emerge to eat the rest of an already rather damp picnic?


Guess so.