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Sunday, December 28, 2008

UK Culture Secretary Burnham wants age rating and 'watershed' for Internet

That Evertonian whiner Andy Burnham continues to embarrass himself by trying to make the Internet into terrestrial TV, in an interview in the Daily Telegraph.

I rather like a comment posted on CBC: 
"Keep your greasy fish-n-chips fingers off my internet, you parasitic English politician. Go and start a web company that provides ratings to consumers if you think that will sell. Oh wait... that requires real business acumen, and people to voluntarily purchase your product. Much easier to use the government gun to force people to employ a bunch of unionized civil servants who voted for you, isn't it? No particular skill involved there."

What isd the point in fighting against voluntary censorship via net neutrality by ISPs if government intends to introduce sweeping censorship rules for all content? Grrr....Happy New Year!

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