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Friday, November 04, 2005

A nice cup of tea!

New York looks better in the sunlight - don't we all! Took a walk down to the pier at 69th St, next to the crumbling remains of the NY Central Railroad bridge. There are about 6 versions of Trump Towers now, all sporting an 'egregious syrup' effect. The sun was shafting between towers, giving a epiphanic glow to a temple of larceny.
Then walked in the sun to 72nd St, bought a bagel with ham and cheese omelette (hope to go for a jog to the pier tomorrow if the knee behaves) AND...
a cup of tea with milk and sugar! Yup, you heard it here first. Didn't have to make a fuss, those Puerto Rican boys did it. Just like they would in my Pakistani hotel with Albanian janitors. Like London, almost.
Except for the sun. I am meeting Ed's daughter who works at Google NY down at 1440 Broadway (Time Square-ish) for their sandwich lunch thing. And going up to Eli's for a session of his conference. But I noly have two days of sun left - must go and sit outside later.
The book will have to wait a bit...

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