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Friday, November 04, 2005

Google Print now has the wrong trousers, Gromit!

So there's a lot of discussion about whether Google should be scanning books, under copyright. Microsoft has scanned lots of out-of-copyright books for the British Library.
What I would like to see is OUT OF PRINT books scanned - Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, I don't care. In particular my 1999 tome, 'Convergence in European Digital TV Regulation'.
But Google Print doesn't! It does Regulating the GIS (2000) still in print, and Internet TV (2003) in which I have a chapter and they get my bio all wrong. But the book I want them to scan - no. Murphy's Law continues...
Very keen to see 'Curse of the Were Rabbit' - I think there's mental health issues that only Wallace and Gromit can cure - New Yorkers should all be made to go...
Also finishing 'Mobius Dick' by Andrew Crumey - interesting take on quantum mechanics and Hindu philosophy with a lot of wit. Its seen me through some Amtrak days on this trip - and now I know what Schrodinger's cat is really about (a waitress and a whale-imitating amnesiac apparently).

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