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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oettinger: a significant step towards a digital single market without borders - European Commission

Good news for European citizens a significant step towards a digital single market without borders - European Commission:
"The new regime also improves transparency for consumers: operators will have to inform their subscribers about guaranteed internet speeds and the remedies available if they do not get those speeds.
There will be no "fast lanes": we have banned paid prioritisation and all traffic has to be treated equally. Our rules allow under the strict supervision of national regulators to treat the data traffic other than the access to internet, such as for example data generated by a medical sensor as specialised services provided that the open internet is not negatively affected.
Again under the strict supervision of National Regulators
Commercial agreements and practices, including "zero rating" that circumvent the rules or limit the user choice will not be allowed.  There will not be different classes of internet traffic, as the new rules oblige providers of internet access to treat all traffic in the same way.
Finally, service providers will not be able to slow down traffic any time they like by referring to a threat to network congestion. There are very strict conditions, to block, throttle or take discriminatory actions in order to mitigate the effects of congestion.
Such measures are only permitted if congestion is "exceptional" or "temporary". A provider whose network is continuously or repeatedly congested cannot invoke this exception but has to invest into capacity extension.
The National Regulators will monitor the application of those rules and will have the power to inhibit illicit behaviour and impose sanctions when necessary." 'via Blog this'

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