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Sunday, October 18, 2015

CGI 20 Years Conference on Net Neutrality: Marsden slides

Presentation to CGI 20Years Net Neutrality Marsden: "Noam 1994: Common Carriage • Regretted & predicted end of common carriage • Information service Title I Communications Act 1934 • But the debate is much older… De Sola Pool (1983) Technologies of Freedom? Kingsbury Commitment (1913) AT&T universal service o Gladstone (1844) Railways Act UK • Common carriage is FRAND Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory treatment o permits apples and oranges charges! • Mergers: cable TV and broadband companies • AT&T/MediaOne and AOL/TimeWarner • Lessig and Lemley FCC submission:‘The end of End-to-End’ o(original May 1999, article 2001) • Fear of abuse of freedom of expression So net neutrality debate began in the last millenium 

Council of Europe Human Rights Commission • Mass Media Directorate, Strasbourg, France [1999] Pluralism in the Multi-Channel TV Market: Suggestions for Regulatory Scrutiny • MM-S-PL [99]12 Def2

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