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Friday, October 02, 2015

BEREC work on net neutrality in 2016

Consultation open this month, work to be conducted largely in secret:
"BEREC has the task to develop guidelines for the implementation of the obligations of NRAs related to the supervision, enforcement and transparency measures for ensuring an open Internet access. Therefore, BEREC will especially ensure a common approach to net neutrality rules.
In addition to this BEREC will have a close look and get actively involved in the announced revision process of the Universal Service Directive as part of the review of the regulatory framework giving priority to user protection"
Deliverables: Public consultation on draft Guidelines after P2/2016Adoption of Guidelines within 9 months after entry into force (dependent on date of adoption)
It is important that quality monitoring is considered trustworthy among stakeholders, in particular within an evolving policy area as net neutrality, and a harmonised approach broadly supported by regulators could contribute to this. The collaborative functionality proposal would include enhanced features such as cross-border performance measurements and multi-country monitoring data analysis. The common system could also function as a platform for collaboration between regulators and facilitate development and testing of new monitoring methods and measurement tools which can be gradually phased in by individual participating regulators. The 2015 BEREC NN QoS Feasibility study will be the basis for the BoR to take a decision on whether to move forward to specifying an opt-in quality monitoring system (with a separate decision on whether to establish it to be taken in 2017).
Deliverables: Description of the framework for NRAs to collaborate in an opt-in quality monitoring system – P1/2017 (subject to a BoR decision) Overall system requirement specification for the opt-in quality monitoring system – P1/2017 (subject to a BoR decision) BEREC regulatory toolkit for NN QoS assessment – P1/2017

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