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Friday, October 30, 2015

Deutsche Telekom chief causes uproar over net neutrality

Deutsche Telekom chief causes uproar over net neutrality | EurActiv: "Höttges' statement on Wednesday (28 October) is a first glimpse of how major telecoms may interpret those services.

He sparked controversy by claiming that specialised services would give a boost to startup businesses. 

“Start-ups need special services more than anyone in order to have a chance of keeping up with large internet providers,” he argued.

“If they want to bring services to market which require guaranteed good transmission quality, it is precisely these companies that need special services. By our reckoning, they would pay a couple of percent for this in the form of revenue-sharing,” Höttges added.

 Simon Schaefer, a private startup investor and founder of Berlin's tech hub Factory, called Höttges' claim “ludicrous”.

“They're creating a toll on anybody that doesn't have the liquidity to finance whatever price they come up with,” Schaefer told EurActiv." 'via Blog this'

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Anonymous said...

Here one thing is to use the political power that we still, for the time being, in europe do have: vote a political party that promises to revert this foolishness.

Second thing to do is to move your communications away from client-server -based applications like WWW to happen on top of applications that are designed to be flat from networks point of view: lets you do roughly some kind of things you normally do with web-forums, e-mail or blog posting platform and it will treat every user equally well.