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Friday, April 29, 2005

Johnners and friend - Larry's no substitute:-( Posted by Hello

Aussies and Kiwis

Looking forward to the 2 big events of the summer - forget your Wimbledon, Ascot and Open golf, it has to be the Ashes and the Lions in NZ. This Aussie blogger seems a good whiner, and this Kiwi one. Edgbaston on 7th August and Twickers on 4th June! Adam and Wayne in good voice...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Marsden finger - God doesn't want me to play cricket this summer...or row? Posted by Hello

Harvey RIP 1990-2005: funny looking labrador... Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Definitely feeling better

Slept a lot the last 36 hours - airtubes clear, feeling much better. Looking forward to getting back on track with paper for info, with bid for EC, with spam workshop tomorrow.
Found a reference to my 2001 Barcelona speech on mobile content.
Saw '20,000 leagues under the sky' last night, Patrick Hamilton novel adapted for BBC4, unremittingly honest and heart-breaking. It felt very contemporary as well.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Japan end-May for Creative Commons - but am I really looking for Scarlett's pout? Posted by Hello

Flu be gone - and Rand be come?

Left the house this AM feeling OK-ish, still got a cold but flu abated. And I had a shock - I can actually smell the scent of spring! So my nose has resumed functions. Bless Amoxycillin!
In the fog of war/flu, had good Rand meetings Tuesday, beginning to get a feel for how much pie-eating/how much thinktanking is involved. I think it'll be OK - Cambridge here we come?
Meeting Marten Botterman at IoD to cross some 'i's Wednesday. Monday to London for some DTI spam stuff.
Two recent films that I enjoyed - 'In good company', very quirky, one for the pie-eaters. 'Downfall' - shocking and brilliant, every German and European should watch it. Hitler's dog's death unexpectedly shocking, Goebbels family very von Trapp.
Still blogging away on - keep looking!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Beat - 26 years on and still too nice to talk to/mirror in the bathroom/hands off she's mine/tears of a clown - Sidecar 14th April - rudeboyz! Posted by Hello

With recently John/Yoko married Sasja! Posted by Hello

Pissing with rain in Amsterdam Tuesday - bells ringing for new reactionary in the Vatican Posted by Hello

Barca port with Columbus pointing to Africa... Posted by Hello

Marsden self-portait Tib - note church growing out of my shoulders Posted by Hello

Tibidabo view down to Barcelona port and the sea Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Can Margarit - rabbit's spiritual home! Posted by Hello

Home thoughts from home...

Beautiful morning despite the frost, walked across The Parks with cricketers' fielding practice underway, thought of The Ashes - 7 August Edgbaston, I'll be there - with Ad and Wayne.
Barcelona on Tuesday - Sitges Monday first - and rabbit Wednesday! Marvellous!
Liddlepool now on for 4 May - see Mattie performing with the Philharmonic.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Day 7 Glasgow - with assorted viola and fiddlers Posted by Hello

Sunset Lewis Day 6 Posted by Hello

Beach Lewis Day 5 Posted by Hello

Tres amigos on Old Man of Storr - Day 4 - Rothesay behind Posted by Hello

Over the sea from Skye - Day 4 Posted by Hello

Day 1 dinner - G. and M. get into the spirit - 10yo Glen Morangie Posted by Hello

Day 3 - trepidatious Mattie and Chris en route to Cuillins Posted by Hello

Top of Glen Coe - 3600ft - Chris surveys his lands Posted by Hello

Loch Lomond - Day 2 AM Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Travels April-June

Birmingham 10th April - Masters with godkids
Barcelona 11-18th April - CEPT conference, Hotel Sants - also Figueres
Amsterdam/Leiden 19th April - Rand - hopefully see Sacha too, it's been 5 years
Cambridge 20th April - CII wireless open day
Highgate 24th April - cricket!
Training for 10k run for 15th May
Tokyo 28th May - 4th June
Riigby London 4th June - IRB 7s
Zurich Harvard conference 16th-19th June
TADOBATIS Oxford 24th-26th June
I ran 9000 metres yesterday - and can walk today!!
Also confirmed 2 summer school lecturing stints - CII 28 June and Oxford 15 July-ish.
Easter is obviously over...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005