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Friday, October 30, 2015

EC Statement on Net Neutrality - Oettinger responds to DTelekom boasting

Statement on Net Neutrality - European Commission:

"Although supervisory authorities will not have to approve special services in advance, they will be obliged to carry out the above-mentioned checks, for which they will use specific software and hardware, as well as documents and information they may request from telecommunications companies.

The authorities can and must impose sanctions if companies do not comply with the Regulation.

For internet providers this means that they will only be able to offer special services with consistent quality if they do not diminish the quality and speed of the internet.

If there is insufficient capacity available, they will have to create more capacity or terminate the contract for special services. As a result, start-ups or other users will not actually be ‘forced’ to switch providers because their internet connection has become slower or their capacity has not been increased." 'via Blog this'

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