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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The net neutrality farce - NY Daily News

The net neutrality farce - NY Daily News: "But wait — there's more. AOL offered a curated service featuring proprietary content. This "walled garden" attracted the ire of network neutrality champions, who sought to block it by law. Yet AOL's experiment started small and grew huge, discovering progressively better ways to serve consumers.

Wheeler's chosen example of innovation demonstrates how dangerous it is to impose one particular platform, freezing business models in place.

Deep confusion reigns on this point.

In an explainer video posted earlier this year by the Wall Street Journal, net neutrality is analogized to package delivery. The overnight shipper, FedEx, delivers boxes to Amazon's customers, treating them all the same. This, says the video, is exactly what net neutrality rules applied to ISPs do.

Wrong. FedEx is unregulated. The firm chooses to offer terms and conditions that apply generically.

Its rival, UPS, not so much: "UPS is not a common carrier," says the company's website, "and reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse carriage to any shipment tendered to it for transportation."" 'via Blog this'

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