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Thursday, January 05, 2017

India: Net Neutrality Consultations Hits Home Stretch

Net Neutrality Consultations Hits Home Stretch: "“In keeping with such international precedents, a similar review and coordination process can be considered for India to provide inputs on the technical and operational aspects of implementation of any NN framework. This prompts the need to consider whether such a collaborative initiative would be suitable for India and what should be its design and structure,” the telecom regulator says. The consultation questions it poses in this regard are as follows:

 What would be the most effective legal/policy instrument for implementing a NN framework in India?  Which body should be responsible for monitoring and supervision? What actions should such body be empowered to take in case of any detected violation? If the Authority opts for QoS regulation on this subject, what should be the scope of such regulations?

The last date for public comments on the paper is February 15 and for counter-comments is February 28." 'via Blog this'

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