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Friday, October 07, 2016

BEREC Work Programme: net neutrality 2017

"BEREC will monitor the implementation of the net neutrality provisions of Regulation 2015/2010 in the context of BEREC Guidelines. BEREC will receive answers to a BEREC internal questionnaire (to be sent out in early 2017) as well as the first set of annual reports to be provided by NRAs by the end of June 2017 on the implementation of net neutrality rules. This will be used to produce a report describing and analysing how NRAs have implemented the rules and issues which arose. Starting in early 2017 and continuing throughout the year, BEREC will also provide a forum for NRAs to exchange views and experiences on the implementation of the Regulation. Based on this work, BEREC will identify best practices or preferred approaches to reporting, and will consider if it is necessary to encourage common reporting approaches and methodologies."
BEREC Internal report summarising annual reports by NRAs on the implementation of the net neutrality provisions of Regulation 2015/2120 and associated BEREC guidelines: Discussion and orientation in P3/2017
BEREC Report on the implementation of Regulation 2015/2120 and related BEREC guidelines, including possible recommendations: Adoption for publication in P4/2017
BEREC regulatory toolkit for QoS assessment for the implementation of articles 4-5 of the Regulation 2015/2120: Adoption for public consultation in P2/2017 Adoption in P3/2017
BEREC Report providing practical guidance regarding the technical implementation of a QoS monitoring system. Adoption in P2/2017 (after dialogue with stakeholders) Decision on the next steps (possible launching of an opt-in quality monitoring software in P3) P2/2017
BEREC Report analysing contractual, commercial and technical practices for the implementation of article 3 of Regulation 2015/2020, including recommendations to NRAs Adoption in P4/2017 (after dialogue with stakeholders)

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