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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Telefónica on WhatsApp blocking in Brazil

Article | Public Policy | Telefónica: "we believe that we share a common aim, protecting our customer’s fundamental rights and avoid blocking of Internet services, but disagree on the appropriate way to achieve that.

As we said in our post already, a decision to block a whole Internet service for all users is obviously not a good decision for anyone, including telecom companies.

 Blocking of WhatsApp or any other legal Internet-based service does certainly have a toll on telecom operators: from reputational hits and unsatisfied customers to lost revenues and additional operational costs. That is precisely the reason why we felt the need to write the post: we believe that this blocking of WhatsApp in Brazil is a serious issue.  So far we seem to agree.

 Where we have different views is how we can avoid that something similar happens again, which is what we actually care about.

 Our view here is clear and firm and based on our business principles: we will defend our customer’s fundamental rights, but we will do so in compliance with the processes and laws of the countries where we operate.

We can and will not – as you seem to suggest – just ignore judicial orders of independent judges in democratic societies." 'via Blog this'

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