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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Internet Investment ‘Meltdown’ That Isn’t - Complicated...

The Internet Investment ‘Meltdown’ That Isn’t | Free Press: "That truth can be found by poring over the data made available because of the investor reporting requirements these companies must abide by. It’s also helpful to read over the explanations from company executives as to the rationale behind their investments. Such scrutiny invalidates Singer’s claims and exposes his findings as both misleading and meaningless.

You can also scrutinize Singer’s initial posting at Forbes and the back and forth between Singer and Free Press.

We’re confident that anyone who reads this exchange and weighs the evidence will reach our same conclusion: There are far too many variables and too much contradictory information for anyone to conclude — or even suggest — that the Title II ruling had a negative impact on investment." 'via Blog this'

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