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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Access on "the wolf in sheep's clothing" Council net neutrality proposal

Blog | Access: "The Council of the EU has disappointingly changed its position over the past few weeks. While the Council was on the right track towards Net Neutrality in January, making slow but measured progress, several EU member states pushed forward a proposal that radically shifted the direction of the negotiations. As a result, Net Neutrality has now been gutted everywhere in the text that was introduced by the Council today. Not only does the proposal enable the creation of slow and fast lanes by allowing paid prioritization and discriminatory practices such as “zero-rating” schemes, but the proposal also introduces loopholes that could authorise the blocking by Internet Service Providers of legal content, contradicting the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The Council therefore appears ready to not only ignore the EU human rights framework and the right to freedom of expression of EU citizens, but also to severely compromise competition and innovation in the EU digital economy." 'via Blog this'

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