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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Ansip strong political signals to EC: Sir Tim Berners-Lee blog on net neutrality

Guest blog: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Founding Director, World Wide Web Foundation - European Commission:

Note the UK election on May 1st may mean less opposition to strong net neutrality in EU:

"These worries are not just abstract - net neutrality is already under attack. The Web Foundation recently released its 2014 Web Index, a study across 86 countries. 74% of Web Index countries lack clear and effective net neutrality rules and/or show evidence of price discrimination. In 95% of countries surveyed where there are no net neutrality laws, there is emerging evidence of traffic discrimination - meaning the temptation for companies or governments to interfere seems overwhelming.

The current landscape on net neutrality in the EU countries is a mixed bag. Some member states, like the Netherlands (which scores a high 8 out of a possible 10 marks on the Web Index), have already enshrined the principle into law. The Czech Republic, Norway and Denmark also rank well on the Index with a 7 where others, such as Poland and Italy, score only 2 out of 10." 'via Blog this'

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