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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Airtel forcing TRAI’s hand on net neutrality consultation - this is serious, people!

India has a pathetic fixed line infrastructure, and enormous mobile markets. Therefore, mobile net neutrality is the only real game in town. In September 2014, there were officially 15million DSL lines out of 27million fixed lines, a market penetration of 2.2%. There were 812million 'active' cellphone subscribers, 60million of those 3G. So mobile neutrality is neutrality....

Airtel withdraws VoIP charges for now, after forcing TRAI’s hand on net neutrality consultation - MediaNama: "Effectively, Airtel forced the TRAI’s hand: It instituted a pack that violated net neutrality, thereby, following the criticism and outrage, ensuring that the TRAI Chairman, Rahul Khullar announced a consultation process. Remember that Khullar said that Airtel’s action is not illegal, since there is no law preventing violation of Net Neutrality." 'via Blog this'

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