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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

UK's worst ISP stopped from misleading and incomprehensible 'cheapest unlimited broadband' claim

The execrable TalkTalk has been told to stop advertising broadband as £2.50/month - the catch is that it's an annual contract, line rental is £16/month, and there are on free calls! But if you pay in advance it really is very cheap. Note that existing contracts were hiked about 12-15% in April/May - and TalkTalk's are light broadband users, 34GB per month on average per household.
In fact, get out your calculators to work out what the hell the real cost is...
Adverts should be forced to give the TOTAL annualised price for broadband and line rental, which is about 1000% more than TalkTalk's ads, but as we use useless self-regulation in the UK, it's not the government's job to stop them misleading consumers. The shame of it...

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