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Friday, March 21, 2014

Which? Demands Broadband Speed Guarantee

Which? Awards the Best UK ISPs and Demands Broadband Speed Guarantee - ISPreview UK: "As part of today’s consumer satisfaction survey Which? has also published the results from a new Populus poll, which interviewed 2,012 UK adults online between 8th and 9th January 2014. The study revealed that 63% of people still experience problems with their broadband connection and 45% claim to suffer slow download speeds (58% said they experienced this frequently or all the time).

Poor customer service tends to be another common issue, with 31% of those who contacted their provider with a problem saying they didn’t get a resolution; meanwhile 25% of those who did get a resolution were dissatisfied with how long it took (20% had to contact their ISP three times or more before their issue was fixed). Worse still, some 27% of those who had reported a service outage said it took two days to fix and 11% claimed to have been without Internet access for a week or more.

As a result Which? has called on ISPs to offer a Broadband Speed Guarantee and not to charge consumers when their internet service is down (or refund broadband charges).

Which? Wants Broadband ISPs to:
1. Give customers written speed estimates at the start of the contract.
2. Allow people to exit contracts without penalty if they don’t get that speed.
3. Fix loss of connection as quickly as possible and refund people for loss of service.
4. Cut out the jargon – give consumers information they understand and take responsibility for fixing problems.'via Blog this'

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