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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

President Obama, Democrats push FCC on net neutrality

Daily Kos: President Obama, congressional Democrats push FCC on net neutrality: "FCC still needs to act to keep the internet open. That's the point this legislation, which would protect internet users in the meantime, is making. That's also the point President Obama made in a video chat this week, when he said, "I have been a strong supporter of Net Neutrality. The new commissioner of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, whom I appointed, I know is a strong supporter of Net Neutrality." He added that there was "one good piece of news coming out of this court opinion" which is that the court "did confirm that the FCC can regulate this space. They have authority." He added, "[i]f the old systems and rulings that they had in place were not effective in preserving Net Neutrality, do they have other tools that would stand up to court scrutiny that accomplishes the same goals." 'via Blog this'

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