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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Slovak Court Orders an ISP to Stop Breaching Net Neutrality

Huťko´s Technology Law Blog: The Slovak Court Orders an ISP to Stop Breaching the Net Neutrality: Note that this is a competition dispute not a specific net neutrality law or regulation being violated. It's what you might call Madison River writ large...
 "The action of Antik puts forward our B2B arguments, namely that blockage or degradation within this competitive relationship contradicts general clause of unfair competition set in Section 44(1) of the Commercial Code. §44 Fundamental Provisions (1) Unfair competition shall be such competitive conduct that is contrary to the standard practices of competition and that may be detrimental to other competitors or consumers. Unfair competition is prohibited. The District Court in Bratislava I. now granted an injunction (8 Ncb/90/2013-321) against UPC prohibiting it from blocking or degrading the IPTV service on its infrastructure for its consumers of Internet access." 'via Blog this'

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