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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ISPs split over UK net neutrality - cable and two biggest mobile ISPs refuse to sign

BBC News - ISPs split over UK open internet code of practice: "The businesses which declined said they all supported the idea of an open internet, but had qualms about the code itself. Virgin Media suggested the circumstances under which traffic management practices could be deployed needed to be defined more strictly.
Vodafone said the code was "impractical" as it would have restricted how it marketed its packages
"These principles remain open to misinterpretation and potential exploitation so, while we welcome efforts to reach a broad consensus to address future potential issues, we will be seeking greater clarity before we consider signing," said a spokesman. Vodafone said it objected to the agreement because of the restrictions it would impose on the way it marketed some of its subscription packages." "These plans offer internet access to smartphone and dongle users, but under the code we would have been unable to use the phrase 'internet access' to describe many of the services enjoyed by customers," a spokesman explained.
Everything Everywhere - which runs the T-Mobile and Orange mobile networks - said it was simply not ready to join. "We believe it is too early to know how a code of this type will affect customers' internet experience, but it is something we will continually review," said a spokeswoman.The Broadband Stakeholder Group said it believed the code did have the "right approach", but "could not comment on the individual views of non-signatories". 'via Blog this'

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