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Friday, May 04, 2012

Speech by ITU Secretary-General - how WCIT threatens net neutrality (not governance)

Speech by ITU Secretary-General - Canadian Wireless Telecommunication Association Wireless Antenna Sitting Forum : Closing Keynote Speech: "Everyone wants mobile broadband and the benefits it will bring. But few seem willing to pay for it – including both the over-the-top players, who are generating vast new demand through their applications, and consumers, who have become accustomed to unlimited packages. This is putting tremendous pressure on mobile operators, who need to invest in high-capacity broadband networks in order to maintain quality of service as demand rises." So? "If we get it wrong, we are likely to see declining quality of service and even network outages, as demand for applications outstrips our capacity to roll out network infrastructure. But if we get it right, we will find a fair way to finance the broadband..." In other words, the intention is to create a mobile charging environment!
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