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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

BEREC Reports on Discrimination due from NRAs this month!

As identified in their Annual Report: " Discrimination: In the consultation stakeholders refer to economic regulation and identify traffic management rules as the real issue regarding traffic management. Prioritisation
implicitly has the consequence of discrimination. The question is however whether this discriminatory behaviour is allowed or not and whether it has negative consequences for the level of competition and the interests of end-users. NRA’s have regulatory remedies at their disposal to promote efficient competition. In 2011 BEREC’s work will focus on the economic analysis of effects on welfare and consequences for economic regulation.
Besides the identified key-issues, BEREC will also look into the current IP interconnection agreements (peering/transit) between market parties (not necessarily with SMP), which will have to cater with demands of content and application providers.  Both regulated and commercial agreements will be looked into.
Deliverable: BEREC Guidance on Transparency and on Quality of Service Requirements BEREC Reports on discriminatory issues
Deadline: Transparency – 2nd half of 2011, QoS – 1st half of 2012, Reports – Q2 2011."

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