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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TPRC: some interesting papers

Its very much worth looking at Katerina Mandiaki's paper on the EU situation from a competition perspective (she willingly agrees that there is more to the issue than just competition law) - bang up-to-date and very well argued. There's also some interesting stuff particularly on Japan (which in summary has a lot of hot air but no visible action on net neutrality) in an otherwise slightly dated comparative paper (e.g. uses 13th Implementation report where she uses the 15th, easily fixed). There is a sprinkling of other panels on net neutrality, including my co-blogger Jasper's excellent paper.
Hopefully he can report back on what else happens in DC!?

1 comment:

Jasper said...

yes, most definitely! Much looking forward to it, I'll be sharing my thoughts when possible.