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Monday, August 16, 2010

Vodafone, Froyo and wireless net neutrality

In the wake of their joint venture's agreement with Google to avoid restrictions on wireless neutrality, its instructive to see what happened when Vodafone HTC users tried to download Android 2.2 in the UK - yup, Google's open platform. It provides HD video support, Flash, and provides wireless hotspot functionality. But all they got was the adware V360 supplied by Vodafone, as the BBC explains: "Last week, many customers who own HTC Desire smartphones were prompted to download a software update which they believed was an upgrade to Android. Instead it installed irremovable Vodafone-branded apps and bookmarks, including links to dating sites. Following a raft of complaints, the firm has backed down and will now offer an update without the applications."
The biggest issue for Vodafone users is the changes, including their branded music store, cannot be reversed, whereas for instance Orange's rival ad bloatware can be removed.
Wireless net neutrality and transparency are overdue some regulatory oversight?

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