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Friday, May 07, 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful Part IV: nothing changed this week

Well, the FCC played a little bait-and-switch with the newspapers over whether they would regulate for net neutrality. The ways of DC continue to bore me, frankly, its so dysfunctional.
Also over in England, we decided nothing in our farcically badly-run General Election yesterday (Python summed it up 40 years ago) - though the outcome may not be at all bad on net neutrality.
Dave Cameron's favorite digital businessman is Charlie Dunstone of TalkTalk who hates DPI and the Digital Economy Act's hijacking by the copyright crowd, the LibDems opposed those clauses too, and the only thing they seem agreed on to cut our 11.5% budget deficit for 2011 is to scrap ID cards, a latecomer in Labour's love affair with information control of the bigoted public.
So as you were - things may only get better, as a certain discredited multimillionaire public speaker and part-time Yale lecturer used to sing...

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