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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A New Face

When Chris approached me to join this blog as a co-author, I was happy to accept. There are few people around with a truly interdisciplinary and international perspective on net neutrality, and Chris is definitely one of them. I'm honored to contribute.

About myself: I'm currently a PhD candidate at Tilburg Law and Economics Center in the Netherlands, where I'm supervised by Pierre Larouche. Before continuing my studies in Europe I spent some time in the US where I first started working on network neutrality issues. I was a research fellow at media reform organization Free Press during the culmination of the Comcast case, and joined the University of Pennsylvania afterwards to build on my experiences in Washington, DC. Feel free to read up on me here.

My PhD research investigates the necessity for net neutrality regulation in European Law, and the first Article of my thesis is about to be published in the Federal Communications Law Journal. I am currently working on the feasibility of transparency requirements for network management to safeguard network neutrality principles.

I'm happy to share my ideas on this blog, and look forward to discussing net neutrality with you here.

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