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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Operation Chokehold 22 hours away....

Whether it works or not, its going to be a highly instructive form of broadband customer protest:
'This is not an attempt at a crowdsourced denial of service attack. This is more like calling in a debt... if the company has written millions of checks it cannot cash, it deserves to be humiliated by its users. And that humiliation deserves to be exploited by its competitors, which it will be if AT&T falters under sway of the services it has promised.
If it works and AT&T staggers and explodes like Alf’s home planet Melmac under the strain of so many hair dryers, Internet freedom activists will write about Friday the 18th for years. It would be the day the Internet told a corporate antagonist to ‘STFU’. It would be beautiful.
It is also highly, highly unlikely. Were it to fail (or perhaps I should say, ‘when it fails’), that in turn proves AT&T is just being greedy by trying to shape network traffic and impose bandwidth caps. iPhone users aren’t really the problem. They’re just scapegoats in a game of corporate posturing ahead of a newly tiered data pricing structure. It’s as if Enron’s attempt at a bandwidth commodities market never really went away. So, for one hour on Friday, I hope iPhone users in the U.S. will help send message to AT&T. That message, in my words, is quite simply this: STOP BEING EVIL.'

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