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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skype lobbying in Europe to follow US

Nice piece on the work of Skype's public affairs team, led by Stephen Collins, ex-Yahoo! They're predicting the European debate will be enlivened by the decisions in Norway, Japan and now the US.


Unknown said...

Skype is not alone asking for a free and open Internet in Europe. I would recommend everyone to check the online petition at sign up if they agree, and pass on to all their friends (and open-minded ennemies)

Pragmatist said...

Interesting analogy in the payment services space, where it's been a problem for new entrants to access direct debit and other established payment processing systems - see Article 28(1) of the Payment Services Directive provides:

"1. Member States shall ensure that the rules on access of authorised or registered payment service payment systems shall be objective, non-discriminatory and proportionate and that those rules do not inhibit access more than is necessary to safeguard against specific risks such as settlement risk, operational risk and business risk and to protect the financial and operational stability of the payment system."

Certain types of access restrictions are also specifically prohibited.