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Friday, August 07, 2009

Upcoming events: GikIV, TPRC, SCL POlicy Forum, Future of the Internet

I will be in Europe in September, and besides taking my Cambridge flat back (tenants moving out, sniff...), I will be:
9-10 September, Brussels for the Future of the Internet project I am advising;
17-18 September, Amsterdam for GikIV, speaking on net neutrality;
21-22 September, London for the SCL Policy Forum;
27-28 September, Washington DC (driving from Montreal via NYC...) for TPRC.

Let me know if you're anywhere near any of them!


Pragmatist said...

That's some carbon footprint you've got there! ;-)

chris said...

I fly in the back of the bus - they aren't flying for me;-)