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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Canada analyzes while US Republicans burn

Excellent analysis  by Michael Geist into the ongoing Canadian inquiry into NN including accusations from content owner The Weather Network (you need good forecasts in Canada!) against wireless carriers blocking content:
  • wireless reseller blocking ads from a mobile site
  • wireless carriers stripping out tracking codes embedded in web pages, thereby limiting ability to deliver ads
  • wireless carriers establishing “walled gardens” that provide preferential access that reduces data charges for sites within the walled garden
  • forcing users through wireless carrier homepage when accessing the Internet on feature phones
  • prior approval of applications for use on smart phones
  • extra fees for text messages that include ads
  • wireless carriers limiting to whom ads in text messages may be sold
The deadline was Wednesday and hearings are scheduled in July, including a joint Reed/Odlyzko/St Arnaud blockbuster on behalf of consumers - can't wait! 

Meanwhile back in the madhouse that is DC, Beltway Republicans froth at the mouth that neutrality proponents are communists....


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Hope you're well. Small correction - the Weather Network in Canada is owned by Pelmorex, a Canadian company.


chris said...

Thanks Michael - I was hoping for some international irony of a US company fleeing to the safety of Canada, so I must have misread. In any case, I know Weather Network is more accurate up here than!