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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Comcast states BitTorrent throttling began in May 2005-2006

Comcast deposition - interesting that El Reg focuses on the misleading nature of Comcast's claims not to have throttled and blocked traffic when exposed in May 2007 by Robb Topolski. Its certainly true that they were less forthcoming in the 2008 FCC Harvard and Stanford meetings. The class action lawsuits flowing from the allegations of consumer harm may see Comcast liable to its users, not a remedy we're likely to see in Europe unfortunately.

Topolski also states his opinion on the 250GB cap imposed by Comcast and alluded to by QWest - and rightly points out that at least its transparent whereas the previous 5 years of user management were not. That's the kind of transparency regulators should be demanding.

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