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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cornish yarg and Littlemore goat

I've been going to the gym - 4 times in the last 10 days. For me, that's impressive.
Also not touched a drop since Boxing Day festivities at godkids', and no plans before Russian New Year.
Went running-jogging-walking to the top of Primrose Hill via the canal yesterday.
Ah, the gym - a Moorish pool is empty, as is the steam room, and the jacuzzi - today I went from one to the other just to experience the beauty of the still warm sensations. Like the ultimate onanism! But without the cuddles afterwards.
So each time I go to the gym, I stop at the Bloomsbury cheese shop on the way back and buy £1 of cheese - my locker room money.
Hence the title, yesterday mild cow's cheese and today a soft mild goat's cheese from Somerset. When I've been to the gym 50 times, I will be fit and have eaten all the cheese...
Liz has had a few issues that prevent - yet again - me getting my hands on any Christmas presents this year...

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