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Friday, October 28, 2005

Philadelphia story

It's 2 degrees - and 22 in London! I bought a lovely red baseball jacket to warm up last night.

Here for Kevin's conference - should be good. Today MCI officially got bought by Verizon, nd AT&T by SBC, so it's good that I'm not talking about competition in fact everyone is talking about access for video providers to the monopolies.

Woke up at 2.45 this morning - mainly I think because yesterday I got up at 5.45 to make the 6.55am check-in at Heathrow. Stupid timing - should have got an 11am flight. I got to Kennedy at 11.30 - head winds from Hurricane Wilma - but Penn at 2pm - airport transfer rubbish - and then Philly at 4. Shoulda flown into Newark, but noone uses it, which is crazy as it's so convenient.

Amtrak is still a pain to use but at least you can walk on and there are about 5 trains an hour DC-New York. On to DC Saturday afternoon and then NYC Thursday. I feel remarkably good (jetlag, must be!) and just was in the gym at 5am - had to switch on the lights and turn on the heating...

So a little siesta then the conference - strange to be somewhere with Price and Faulhaber - this will be very multidisciplinary...

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