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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Flu be gone - and Rand be come?

Left the house this AM feeling OK-ish, still got a cold but flu abated. And I had a shock - I can actually smell the scent of spring! So my nose has resumed functions. Bless Amoxycillin!
In the fog of war/flu, had good Rand meetings Tuesday, beginning to get a feel for how much pie-eating/how much thinktanking is involved. I think it'll be OK - Cambridge here we come?
Meeting Marten Botterman at IoD to cross some 'i's Wednesday. Monday to London for some DTI spam stuff.
Two recent films that I enjoyed - 'In good company', very quirky, one for the pie-eaters. 'Downfall' - shocking and brilliant, every German and European should watch it. Hitler's dog's death unexpectedly shocking, Goebbels family very von Trapp.
Still blogging away on - keep looking!

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