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Monday, March 14, 2005

Spring has finally sprung!

Must have - I put the clocks forward on Saturday, ran all weekend, went to the gym, tidied my tax affairs, and the willow tree is in leaf. It'll be 18 degrees by Wednesday, which is the CC-UK launch by old hippy JP barlow in London.
I'll be in London because that's the EC eCulture workshop, as well as the meeting with David Cleevely. So April-May could be blocked out by that bid - or the CIE bid I've been working on for Creative Commons on Sunday morning.
It's St Paddy's week, it's Cheltenham, it's life!
Up to London Friday evening to see Paul and Kim's new arrival, and also for Saturday morning's Head of the River and the riigby! Wales were brilliant yesterday - wonder if they can stuff it up or if it's 1978 again - I was 9 years old, my last spring in Wales at The Grange, already bored! But I'll sink a couple of pints to them Saturday...

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