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Monday, February 14, 2005

Speaking, London, summer

Daffodils out in Stourbridge yesterday - rolling in the mud trying to kick a rugby ball in a Force 10 northerly! Kids in good form, ignored the cold and enjoyed the snowfall in the afternoon.
I got a call from PITCOM Friday - may be speaking there 23 May after the Election. Also trying to sort out the Sevens weekend with Adam and Wayne, and the cricket at Edgbaston 7 August.
Having some coordination difficulties with Japan - 24 May? Damian is now trying not to go - he's the award holder! But I guess young families make it difficult. Maybe I should have my name on the award?
Dinner with Andreas last night - found a very nice drink called chocolat con cointreau - winter warmer:) He's speaking this afternoon, me next Tuesday 22nd, and I'm giving a little talk to the computer scientists tomorrow, followed by dinner in Hall.
Beats Valentine's! I need to get the book proposal into Hart, too....

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