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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Pinches and politics

I never made it to London Friday - neck was in agony for the third time in a year - Tom K's girlfriend needs an RSI operation - am I far behind? Hope so, because I've been quite fit by my standards...

Did go up Saturday for an evening of City lawyers - people I've known for years but not known - in such a deceitful business how can they be openly emotional or honest in their private lives?

Sunday saw a few staggers from Budapest - really nice people, wierd that we knew each other for a decade in London but never got so close - London friendships, 'fun' and totally artificial because no-one makes time for anyone else.

Which brings me to yesterday - Milena and Lena both not home to visitors - like Sam I've seen each of them once in a year - that's not friendship, not even acquaintanceship - that's 'London friendship' - meaningless and I'm stopping it now. Bad for the soul to be so full of BS as people who label that as 'friendship'.

Made me realise what emotional cripples we London-oriented professionals are - with no honesty or pulse to speak of - like anti-leukemia neurotics, we run away from anyone or anything that can get into our marrow and slowly eat into us - to make us wake up and smell the roses. Makes me want to get back to Barcelona to live!!!

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