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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Spectrum refarming - EU Conferences chair

Wednesday and Thursday I was in London, attending the Spectrum Liberalisation and Trading Conference - kind of crowd where they say 'orthogonal' rather than 'tangental'.

It seems the big political decision over analogue TV 'digital dividend' is all-important for various uses - HDTV, DVB-H mobile TV, new digital muxes (see Raving Punter above), WiMAX etc.

Lots of cynicism regarding spectrum commons offset by a very bright DARPA project in software-defined radio that hops about from 30MHz to 3GHz looking for spare channels - a killer app? What do they know, they only created the Internet...

Anyway, possible head of steam behind an Oxford conference on digital dividends - I wonder if Intel and Nokia might be interested? Hoping to see Nokia in Helsinki in 2 weeks.

Saw Peter Crowther and Martin Cave - doyens of competition policy. Also there was John Higgins of Intellect UK, trade body for FEI, who is interested in some work on creative digital media business plans. Discussed it with Ian Brown - unusually quiet and I convinced him that, like me, he gets SAD in winter. Who doesn't?

Also saw Stanhope again in preparation for my Chinese day out.

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