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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Slovenia: regulator forced by Electronic Communications Council to find Telekom Slovenije and Si.mobil in breach of net neutrality

Competitive Analysis & Foresight: Telekom Slovenije and Si.mobil found in breach of net neutrality: "Both operators confirmed to have received the decisions ordering them within 60 days to stop discriminating against internet traffic by music streaming service Deezer (Telekom Slovenije) and cloud storage service Hanger Mapa (Si.mobil). The decisions are final and only an administrative dispute or extraordinary judicial review are allowed.  

Several investigations of compliance with net neutrality provisions of the Electronic Communications Act were started on the initiative of the Electronic Communications Council of the Republic Slovenia. 

The council examined unfair, deceptive, abusive or otherwise prohibited business practices in the mobile industry. As AKOS whose senior officials regularly attended the council’s meetings had not started the investigation on its own initiative, the council filed a complaint in July 2014." 'via Blog this'

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